Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homeless Guy Finds $1400 Cash' Does the Right Thing

To Robert Stauffer
You can pick up any newspaper,on any day, anywhere in this country and you'll see right there on the front page all kinds of bad news. Today, I want to bring you some good news. Some real good news.

There's a homeless guy in Pottstown, Pennsylvania who was recently doing what homeless guys do when he found envelope. But this was no ordinary envelope. The envelope that the homeless guy found had over $1400 in cash! What did the homeless guy do with it when he found it? Did he head straight for the first place he saw that served booze? He had to go to a nice restaurant and have a 30oz t-bone with a baked potato and a big ass salad? Surely he must have gone directly to a crack house and bought a rock the size of Rhode Island. Not this homeless guy. He found a name and address on the front of the envelope. he took the envelope, money and all, to the address on the front. Long story short, the original owner of the money got his cash back thanks to the homeless guy. The money-owner is a lawyer and he has set up a meeting with the homeless dude to reward him (homeless guy) for his honesty.

The homeless guy had every reason in the world to keep his mouth shut and spend that money like a mad man. Just think how many 40s he could have bought with $1400. Or how much weed. Or how much food. Or a roof over his head. Instead, he took it straight to where the money could returned to its rightful owner. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!. This homeless man's name is Robert Stauffer. Pottstown, PA should be damn proud to have Robert Stauffer as a citizen of their community, I know I'd be proud to have him mine. Robert Stauffer has set an example for every damn one of us to follow and pass on to our children. If some business owner in Pottstown, PA doesn't offer a job to man with character and honesty in spades, then you Sir/Ma'am are a poor business person. I'm just sayin'.

Personal Note to Robert Stauffer: You, my friend, have earned your way into the Toby Hall of Fame of Good Guys. You could have done a thousand things with $1400, but you, instead, did the right thing. My hat is off to you, Robert Stauffer of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. God bless you my friend and thanks for reminding us that the meek shall inherit the Earth. You are good man, Robert Stauffer.

Because Toby said so

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