Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Super Bowl Facts

The Prize
Super Bowl XLV will be played in Arlington, Texas at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas next Sunday, February 6, 2011. The Green Bay Packers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers for most coveted prize in professional sports - the Vince Lombardi Trophy, coincidentally named for the former Packers coach. This battle between two of the NFL's most-storied franchises will see the Pack aiming to win their fourth Super Bowl (to go along with nine NFL Championships) while the Steelers will be looking for their sixth Super Bowl title.

The game, which airs at 6:30pm next Sunday on FOX, is about much more than the clash on the field, which of course is the reason for the game. Over one billion people around the world will see the Super Bowl. They will also see some of the best commercials in the history of broadcasting (hopefully) before, during and after the game. A 30 second spot during the game will cost the advertiser between $2.5 and $2.8 million dollars. And thos eprices are a bit lower than the spots for last year's Super Bowl. I will try to do a post specifically concerning Super Bowl commercials sometime in the next few days.

Here's a list of some random Super Bowl facts I dug up for this post. Thanks to
  • 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole.
  • The average number of people at a Super Bowl party is 17.
  • 5% of Americans will watch the game alone.
  • Of the top 10 most watched television programs of all time, 9 of them are Super Bowls.
  • The Super Bowl is measured in Roman numerals because a football season runs the span over two calendar years. The year the season began in 2010 and ends in 2011.
  • Since the 1980s the Super Bowls have always started around 6pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • More drivers are involved in alcohol-related accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (except St. Patrick's Day), according to the Insurance Information Institute.
  • 35% of people who attend the game write it off as a corporate expense.
  • Over 700,000 footballs are produced annually for official NFL use and 72 of them are used for the Super Bowl.
  • The Super Bowl has been played in south Florida 9 times, this year's game will be the third played in Texas.
  • Super Bowl fans spend more than $50 million on food during the 4 days prior to the super bowl.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year.
 There you have it. Some useless bullshit, you didn't care to know but I told you anyway. I'm sure you'll hear these nuggets along with another 5000 or so during the coming week. I just wanted to get a head start on the other dumbasses pushing this crap on you. I'll have more Super Bowl info as we approach the Big Game, so this won't be the only puke-inducing article about it. That's just how I roll.

Now get ready to enjoy the game.

Because Toby said so.

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