Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Minor Surgery for Me Today UPDATED!! Scroll down for Updates

 My Doctor  Does This Between Patients
I've got to go this afternoon and have a minor surgical procedure done, so I'm not exactly sure if I'll be posting anymore today. It depends on how drowsy I am when I get home. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look through blog archives and find something that may have missed the first time around. For example, yesterday's post about The Beatles was very well received. A couple of days ago I wrote about "colored" snow in Russia.

After reading the archives on this site, be sure to check out a piece on Lee Harvey Oswald on Three States Plus One. On Dumbass News, there's a lovely story of a peaceful co-existence when fishing...except for one thing... a lady attacks two guys with a fish.

I think you can stay fairly busy by hitting up the links above and browsing through the archives of all three blogs. There's some really goo and funny stuff in there. Now get to readin' you jack wagon!

Because Toby said so.

UPDATE: I had to reschedule my Doctor's appointment because my poor wife has the beginnings of the flu and she just flat don't feel good. She would have to keep on eye on our little girl who turns 4 next week, and that ain't right, so I rescheduled my visit to Dr. B. We tried right up to the last minute to find a baby sitter, but it was a fruitless search. The only right thing to do was for me to stay home so Heather can rest and work on getting well. I'll have another post up later today, so you might keep an eye out for it.

Because Toby Said So.

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