Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Christmas Music Downloads!

Many of you still have some Christmas details to attend to, so I am here to make your life easier, or at least more pleasant. I looked around the web and found a few places where you can download Christmas music for FREE! After downloading, you can burn your music to a disk and have a customized playlist to listen to while your are getting your holiday chores done. Burning the tunes to a disk also makes them portable, so they'll be right at your fingertips for the drive to Grandma's house. grab a blank CD and burn to your little heart's content.
Those sites ought to get you off to a good start with many songs and artists available at no cost to you. FYI, I checked all the listed web sites for spyware and other sorts of bad things and they all come up clean. So go ye forth and record!

Because Toby said so.

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