Thursday, December 9, 2010

"The Blizzard" as Told by Bob Zeller

The Blizzard***
I am going to do something I'd rather not do. Not that I am betraying a trust or anything like that, I still feel a little uneasy about doing it. I am going to share a story with you that I feel needs to be shared - a story of being lost and all of the sudden seeing the beacon of Hope that lets you know that the end of your strife is near. I can't take credit for this story, all due recognition goes to my Blogging Buddy Bob Zeller at Texas Tweeties. This is the kind of miraculous story that we seem to hear a lot at times like Christmas, although it's a great story to be told any time of the year.

Here, in Bob's own words, is a story of Hope:
Your post about all the snow on the streets, etc. reminded me of this story.

This girl was driving at night and got lost. Then she remembered that her Daddy had always told her to just follow a snow-plow and you will always get led to safety.

So soon, she spotted a snowplow and fell in behind it. She followed it for what seemed to her several miles. Finally the plow stopped, the driver got out and came back and rapped on her window. He asked what she was doing. She related what her Daddy had told her to do.

The driver then said, "Hey that's all right with me. When I finish with this Walmart parking lot, I am heading over to the K-mart." :-)

Merry Christmas, Bob!!!  :) Because Toby said so.

***Photo by hugh haas***

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