Wednesday, December 1, 2010

100 Year Old Woman Going Back to School - Again

This being the Christmas season and all, it's always nice to find a story that has a nice uplifting message. Finding dumbass stories is as easy as breathing and our mainstream media is always happy to oblige with story after story of impending doom and disaster. That's why the major TV networks are on a fast pace to oblivion.

Anyway...there's a lady in Arnold, Maryland who is setting an extraordinary example for us youngsters in our 50's. Myrtle Berglund recently celebrated her 100th birthday. That's quite an event right there, but Ms. Berglund is doing something that folks 100 years old just don't do. She's going to enroll in college and continue her education! This is not surprising since Ms. Berglund has already completed four classes at Anne Arundel Community College. Talk about setting a great example for young folks of all ages! Ms. Berglund is an inspiration.

In an interview with Baltimore TV station WBAL, Ms. Berglund rates her favorite classes as a ceramic class she took and classes on quilting. "I've done a lot of the hand quilting courses," she said.

I hereby nominate Ms. Berglund for Homecoming Queen or some equally important honor for her outstanding contributions to other senior citizens and young folks alike. C'mon Anne Arundel Community College, start makin' with the kudos for Myrtle Berglund.

Because Toby said so.

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