Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Recipe Review - Gingerbread Cake

I am not turning this blog into a recipe review site, but my wife has been on a roll lately with several delicacies that warrant your attention. Heather is a great cook, she's put fifteen pounds on me and that ain't easy to do, but sometimes she whips up something that stands out just a little bit more than everything else.

Yesterday we took a look at something I wasn't so sure about until I tasted it, Leftover Makeover for Turkey. But it was real good. Give it a look-see and I'll wait for you right here. <waiting> Back? Good, let's move on then.

A couple of weeks a go, Heather made a gingerbread cake for Issy's second grade class, in which I was the Guest Reader for that week. After I read the story, it was time for a snack of homemade gingerbread cake!. Long story short, it was a smash hit with not only the students, but with the teacher as well. After such a ringing endorsement from a group of second graders and the teacher, there's not really a helluva lot I can add to the review. I will tell you that Bailey the 3 Year Old was on that gingerbread cake like a duck on a June bug. I showed her how to put a little butter on it and she was in 3 year old hog heaven.

There's your review. I got nothin' after that. I will say for the record, that I wasn't shy about eating up a Jethro Bodine-size piece of that gingerbread cake. It was that good.

You can find Heather's recipe here . It's easy to make and it's Mama slappin' good. Make some, then eat some, because Toby said so.

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