Monday, November 29, 2010

My First Ever Recipe Review!

Used for More Than Just Sandwiches
Today I am taking a little different route in doing a post. I am actually going to review a recipe for my wife. She has the directions for the recipe on her site, MishMawsh and Other things. I will be as brutally honest with you as I am with her when she tries out something new in the kitchen. That's right, I'll forget for a few moments that Heather is my partner for life til Death do us part. And I'll forget that she is the Mother of my two youngest children. I'll also forget the fact that I share the same bed with this woman. I won't forget that she has my gazebos in a lock box and that she's very handy with a filet knife. In other words, I am about to lie through my teeth in regards to this recipe that I am reviewing. Just kiddin'. I told Heather that I would not hold back as to what I say about her recipes, so she is prepared for whatever I have to say about it. Hell, if it sucks, I'll say so. If not, I'll say so then, too.

Last night she made what she calls "Leftover Makeover for Turkey". I have to admit that when she told me what she was gonna make for supper, I was a little apprehensive, to say the least. I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, so I wasn't sure if I could give an accurate recipe review. I mean if you can't taste it, you can't rate it. I was feeling better by he time supper was ready, so I decided to give her dish a try. But, before I did, I wanted to see the reactions of my 8 and 3 year olds. Issy the 8year old was reluctant at first, but when she tasted the first bite, it was Katie bar the door! The real test, though, would lie with Bailey the 3 year old, because she's s finicky eater, not always open to trying new dishes. Slap me down and call me Shorty! She loved it!

Encouraged by the early reviews, it was now my turn to play Guinea pig. I took my first bite without any rice, and I was pleasantly surprised. Then I took a second bite, then a third, then etc, etc, etc. I finally tried it with the rice and damn, if it wasn't even better! I ended up "nibbling" my way to at least one full serving of this "Leftover Makeover for Turkey". It was really very good. Plus, it's a welcomed break from eating leftover turkey as a sandwich. That alone is reason enough to give this particular meal a try.

A quick recap: both kids loved it, as did I. I'd like to see it on the menu more often than just at Thanksgiving. It was that good. Give it a try, you'll love it, too. Because Toby said so.

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