Saturday, November 20, 2010

TV DOA After Man Blasts It With Shotgun!!

TV Shooter & "Dancing With the Stars" Fan
You'd think that considering the ass kickin' that the Democrats took in our recent mid-term elections, they and their minions might have at least an iota of humility. But you'd be wrong, of course. Some dickhead in Wisconsin, a Vikings fan no doubt, shot his TV. Why did the maggot shoot his TV? The local news showed a clip of some assholes disrespecting the members of the US Armed Forces? Nope. Maybe some fuck face committed a crime against another man based on the victim's skin color? Not that either. The dickhead shot his TV because Bristol Palin keeps moving on in the Dancing With the Stars competition! Well, hell, at least he has a good reason. <---sarcasm What's the deal that makes these dumbasses hate the Palins so much? Is it because Sarah is a beautiful, but tough nails, smart, successful woman? Even if that's the case, why in God's name do these lunatics carry that hatred over to the rest of her family? They now direct their psychosis towards Bristol just because she's doing well in a dance competition? These same motherfuckers will be the first to say that Bristol's baby daddy, Levi "The Genital Wart" Johnston, is a good kid getting pushed around by the Palins, Sarah in particular. Mindboggling.

Now some worm in the dog turd has sent an envelope with a powdery white substance addressed to Bristol Palin, to the offices of of Dancing With the Stars. Now the ignorant fuck who mailed the suspicious package has the FBI involved. Slick move, Ex-Lax. Leon "Hung Like a Horse" Williams certainly looks forward to  being your cell mate. He likes 'em stupid and white, cream puff. Be afraid, very afraid.

The coward who pulled this stunt is destined to have major redirection of his anal cavity when his stay in San Quentin comes about - which should be soon. Leon sends his love, cupcake. Have a nice day.


  1. i do have to admit i was really pissed when she continued on

  2. Wyatt! Thanks for the comment, amigo!