Friday, November 19, 2010

Fuck you very much! Come back to see us! (UPDATED SCROLL DOWN)

I would normally post the story you are about to read on one of my other blogs called Dumbass News, but after thinking about it, the subject at hand suits this blog just fine. You'll see what I mean in a moment.

The Dumbass Train rolls on unabated in our society today as the Liberal elites and the dumb fucks that follow them attempt to make our society, a society of victims. Very recently, we posted this on our sister blog, Dumbass News, about some dickweed wanting to ban toys in "unhealty Happy Meals". To his credit, the Liberal asshole mayor of San Francisco, Gavin McAsswipe, vetoed this preposterous notion. But, wait, there's more!

In Sacramento, another butt hurt pansy has assumed the place of victimhood abandoned by those before him. Francisco Perez stopped by his local Burger King to grab some grub. Perez had no complaints about the food he was served. Well, then, you ask, what was the problem? The receipt he got with his order was a bit different than your regular Burger King receipt. Instead of the normal "thank you, please come back" message on the ticket, he got back a receipt that said "Fuck you" on it. Watch the video here to get a look. Like any good dipshit that lives in California, Frankie the Sissy is all bent out of shape over the whole thing. He goes to the media and cries like a first grade little girl that got her pigtails yanked, except first grade girls who get their pigtails pulled, don't squawl and bawl like a pussy. Francisco does though. Frankie the Asswipe says,"This is a professional business. I go get a bite to eat and this is what I get... Uh, I don't find it funny at all." Frankie, just go home to Mommy and hide behind her skirt all day, you fucking crybaby. If you are gonna go running to the media because you got a vulgar message on your fast food lunch receipt, what are you gonna do when something BAD happens? Piss your pants and faint?

Is this little episode in bad taste? Sure. Is Burger King Corporate at fault here? No. It was probably some kid who has a little computer savvy that pulled a stupid practical joke because he knew that some sensitive metro sexual Rump Ranger like Frankie would go squealing to the media. The tech savvy kid and real men laugh at you Francisco, because you are a pussy.

Now quit breathing my air! Dumbass.

(UPDATE) Burger King fired part of the crew that was on duty when Frankie got his "fuck you" receipt. Read about it here. BK even offered this knob nibbler vouchers for free BK food, but he turned them down. Now a few of the local Burger King employees are without work in that job-rich environment that is California. If these employees are responsible for this prank, they got what they deserved. If not, I hope Frankie feels like a real "man" since he whined his way to the media about this ordeal and these guys have no job. Hey, Frankie! Did you ever think that maybe you could have gone to the Shift Manager and got this issue resolved? No, because you are a victim, Frankie. A victim of being a fucking spineless asswipe. I am surprised we haven't seen the race card played yet. Or is that next, Frankie? Fucking cum funnel.

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