Monday, February 28, 2011

Issy's Friend Moves Away

Editor's Note: Isabella was a brave little girl today as her best friend moved out of her apartment, just a few doors down from us and into her new home. Issy fought back some tears, but she carried on like a good soldier. Her Mom and I are very proud of her. Below is the post she wrote on her own. Misspellings and all are exactly as Issy wrote them. Enjoy.

My best friend is moving  today I  realy  am going to miss my friend but she is only 5 miunits away  from  me. And we will see each other at the lake, and have sleep overs a lot this summer. my friend is ferekd out aoubot  going to her new sckool , and her new home because it is next to a grave yard  and the scooll she is going to is houtdid realey bad .tommoro is her last day of skcooll  at my scooll .I am very sad aoubut  her moving because she is going to a dferintt skcoll  but i bet they will like there new home.

Out of the mouths of babes. You can see why I love this little girl so much. 

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