Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flying Cars and Bass Boats

Donations Accepted
Every once in a while, you come across a story that makes you ask the question, "What the hell is that guy smoking and can I have some too?" This story is one of those. Now, I'm not sayin' the guy in this story is stoned out of his mind, but he has, at the very least, been into the home-grown. I'm just sayin'.

Our story today takes place in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where it's difficult to determine whether there are more fruits than nuts or vice versa. Sam Bousfield is an architect from California (that settles the fruit or nut question). Sam says that he has the know-how to build a flying car. No kiddin', a flying car. Proving that Sam stopped in Humboldt County (if you need to ask, please don't) on his way to Seattle for this meeting with potential investors in his flying car. After the computer- generated presentation, Sam was selling some of his Humboldt County stash the idea that his prototype car would cost about $60,000, so he was asking each of these potential investors for $2000 each towards funding his project. The article does not say whether or not Sam gave each guy who gave him the two grand a fattie. Clearly Sam has partaken of the Herb Superb way too many times in his lifetime. Then again, this could be a brilliant fund raising tool. Get the would-be investors tweaked on a joint of the good shit and first thing you know they are begging you to take their money. For a few donuts, these idiots would sign over their first born at this point. But, I digress.

I have some news for Sam. We already have flying machines that take to the air while people walk on the streets below. We call them AIRPLANES, you dipshit. There was some more bullshit details in this story that weren't worth going over and by leaving them out, it does not change the meaning of the story at all. However, if some rich guy wants to donate two large to a worthy project, I highly recommend the Toby Would Love to Have a Bass Boat Fund, a non-profit, fish slaying organization. Contact me through the comments here on the blog or at TexNetMaine AT gmail DOT com. 100% of your contribution goes directly to the Toby Would Love to Have a Bass Boat Fund. I am efficient with money like that. Donate early and donate often.

Because Toby said so.

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