Monday, February 7, 2011

Aguilera Blows the National Anthem at The Super Bowl - And I Mean Blows

Like tens of millions of other knuckleheads, I watched the Super Bowl last night. How 'bout them Packers???!!!
It was a good game and it seemed like every time the Steelers were threatening to tie or go ahead in the game., the Green Bay defense rose up to the occasion. That's why the Packer are now four time Super Bowls Champs and overall have won an amazing 13 World Championships and/or Super Bowls. I am very happy at the outcome of the game as I have been a Green Bay fan since I was about 5 years old. That's almost 50 years now. The 2011 NFL Season will be my Golden Anniversary of being a Green Bay Packer fan.
A Real Blow Job

All was not well with the Super Bowl telecast, however. Christina Aguilera took our National Anthem and turned it into a spaghetti bowl filled with horse shit. Her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was a garbled travesty of th wrong lyrics couple with the sound of a coyote gnawing on his leg while trying to escape the trap that is crushing his paw into a mangled mess of blood and flesh. Oh, wait! That's insult to coyotes everywhere who end up snagged in a metal trap. You think I'm kidding? Watch for yourself. WARNING: I am not responsible for any bleeding from the ears or the need to clean your brain with bleach after watching this trash. END OF WARNING

My question is this: Who the fuck got this bottle blonde bimbo to sing the National Anthem on the biggest sports stage in the United States? Jerry Jones? I doubt it. Jerry's a bit eccentric, but he ain't stupid. Even if he is from Arkansas. The NFL? I'm sure the Commissioner of the league, Roger Goodell, had the final say on the matter. I'll give Rog a break on this one. When the dumbass that said Christina Aguilera would sing the Anthem at the Super Bowl, the Commish probably said, "Christina Aguilera? Isn't she the hottie slut from Married With Children?" No, Rog, that's Christina Applegate. She can't sing, but who cares? She's a babe. My point is that the Commissioner is likely not too hip with the Pop Music Scene today, so he gets a partial pass on this deal. I am not the only blogger who is pissed off that this stupid bimbo botched the National Anthem, much less given the chance to sing it. The Gateway Pundit calls Aguilera's performance "shamefull". He's close. One of the most respected bloggers in the USA, Ed Morrisey of Hot has these thoughts. Ed is too nice a guy to say that Aguilera sucked swamp donkey gonads last night, so I'll say it.

Aguilera sucked swamp donkey gonads last night. The halftime show sucked too, but that's another story for another time. I'm sure Christina Aguilera is a nice young lady, but she blew it last night and she blew it big time. I'm anxious to see what her P.R. people will have to say about it. That could be some funny shit. Douchebags.

Because Toby said so. Dammit.


  1. Well Dr Phil says the best predictor of future behavior is to look at the past behavior, with that being said Christina or Xtina as her "friends" call her, know all too well why she does gigs like the super bowl and its sure fire bet its not for her love the game. Keep in mind she is recently divorced and back on the sleeping around venue for all sports players or the equivalent of.

  2. oh and I almost forgot that her her hair has a higher IQ than her.... just sayin

  3. I meant her hair dye has a higher IQ than her shoot I really know how to mess a comment up lol.