Monday, December 6, 2010

Taiwanese Lady Gets Married....To Herself!

Photo Representation of Chen's IQ
It seems that there is a low birth rate in Taiwan and the government of the island-state is a bit concerned. So concerned in fact, that they are encouraging young people to get married and have babies. I am OK with that. The key is that the Taiwanese government is encouraging not mandating. A government encouraging its citizens to have babies instead of abort them. Imagine that.

This does not meet with approval in all segments of Taiwanese society. One broad, excuse me I mean lady, said that the pressure to get married and have children is "overwhelming". Okie dokie. I'm thinking that the only thing "overwhelming" here is the generous amount of good ol' stupid spews forth from this chick. Here's why I say that: this woman with IQ of a box of chop sticks protested this "overwhelming " pressure for marriage and kids by wait. for .it marrying herself! Well, ain't that just peachy? Dipshit. Chen Wei-yi, our Taiwanese dumbass, had some stuff that you'd expect at any wedding - a flower girl, a cake but no groom. Chen happily says, "I feel that marrying myself represents a promise to really love myself" In that case, I highly recommend that Chen look over yesterday's post . I am sure the vibrator lady in that post could help Chen compensate for the lack of a husband. Just sayin'.

The article from UPI continues, "The feedback has been mixed. Critics accuse Chen of trying to get cash gifts, but she says women from around the globe have sent encouraging messages." Forget the encouraging messages, you dope! Have you made any money from this fucked up PR stunt? If Chen is too stupid to directly answer a straightforward question, then her prospects of marrying a man are slim and none, and slim just left town.  This is probably for the best anyway, because this stupid dame would only weaken the Taiwanese gene pool. And her country can't afford that, with a billion Commies living right next door.

I wonder how easy it would be to hook up Chen with the Killer Vibrator Lady? B.O.B. is Chen's only hope for any kind of meaningful relationship and tens of millions of Taiwanese men are setting up a Batteries for Life Fund for her. Smart move, guys.

Because Toby said so.

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