Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Issy Launches a Blog!!

Here's the deal. My eight year old daughter, Issy, has started her own blog. The subject matter will vary greatly because she will be posting about what's on her mind on any particular day. See what I mean by "varying" subject matter? LOL Hey, give the kid a break, she's only eight.  :) Her mother and I are very proud of Issy for taking the iniative to do a blog as a means of sharing her thoughts with you and taking on some resposibility for herself. I know that she may quickly tire of blogging, but I will do my best to encourage her to chronicle some things today that will be a bit of a historical record of bits and pieces of her childhood.

Issy knows that school work comes ahead of everything else, so she'll probably do 99% of her writing on the weekends, which is fine by me and her Mom. Lest, you get the wrong idea and think that we'd just build her a blog and let her go crazy, that ain't happening. I have Issy-proofed the sign in settings in such a way that she could never figure them out, even if she wanted to. Hint: Habla ingles? Enough said. Heather and I will be practically looking over her shoulder to watch for any odd and potetentially dangerous situations show up and we have the final say-so of what gets posted for public consumption. On top of that, I know enough Computer Fu to make a bad guy wishes he never owned a computer should he try to do something nefarious on Issy's site. I'll light up his computer like the Fourth of July. Enough said again.

Issy is going to have a blast writing whatever she decides to write about - homework, books, math, etc. Stop by and give Issy's page a look. I am certain that she would be grateful. Now head on over and see what the kid has to say!!

Because Toby Issy said so.  :)

Thanks y'all,

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