Friday, November 12, 2010

My Soapbox - An Introduction

This blog is my soapbox. The purpose of my soapbox is to tell the truth on any given subject - the truth as I see it. I will insult, make fun of and ridicule anything and anybody at any time, with the exception of my Mother. Everything and everybody else is fair game, no holds barred, Texas Death Match Rules - only one will be left standing in the end and that somebody is me. I will use "colorful metaphors" and language that some of you may find offensive. Tough shit. I am not doing this blog to accommodate your fragile feelings, I am here to express my opinion, no matter how crude, and elicit comment from you, no matter how crude. I have very few rules for what is said on these pages, but I will not tolerate racial slurs or using the Lord's name in vain. I guess a good guideline to follow is: if Richard Pryor or Cheech and Chong said it, you can say it too.That's a quite a bit of wiggle room, so let it rip.

I encourage and welcome your comments, so don't be shy, we are here to have some fun. And by fun I mean, ridiculing liberalism and other scourges of the United States, like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Dickweed in Chief, but I repeat myself. I want to note at this point that while I am politically conservative, the Republicans won't receive a free pass when they do something real stupid. I am an Equal Opportunity Insulter.

That's a fairly short list of rules, so I expect things to get lively in the comments and I'm sure some comedy gold will make its way into the discussion as well. Follow these simple rules and use your common sense and it'll all be good. Because Toby said so.

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