Monday, November 15, 2010

Charles Rangel, I Forgot to Pay Taxes on All That Stuff, My Bad

Charlie Gets a New Home
The mid term elections are a couple of weeks behind us now and with them we learned that the USA is pissed off at Democrats, Liberals and sundry other asswipes. One of the asswipes that has used his position of power as a shakedown for his personal gain and has allegedly violated several ethics rules of the House of Representatives. I speak of course of Charles B. Rangel (D-Dumbass, NY). This asshole has been in Congress for forty years as the Representative of the people of Harlem. I'm not sure who the bigger dickweed, Rangel or the dipshits who keep electing him.

Rangel faces a Congressional Committee being accused of shaking down lobbyists and corporations for millions of dollars to fund the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at The City College of New York. Or as I like to call it The Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service and Self-Enrichment Using Taxpayer Dollars and Campaign Contributions at The City College of New York. Or for short, Fuck U.

Rangel, who at 80 years old should know better, is also charged with failure to report $600,000 in income and assets, as well as illegally maintaining several rent-controlled luxury apartments in Harlem and failing to pay income taxes on a vacation villa in the Dominican Republic. Oh, yeah, he also parked a vintage Mercedes in a taxpayer funded parking garage in Washington, D.C. for years!  The website, where I got the bulk of my information from regarding this story, goes on to say how well-liked by his colleagues in the House. Who gives a shit?!! This son of a bitch is a fucking criminal using his elected position to make his sorry ass rich! And the stupid fuckers in Harlem have elected Rangel to be their guy in Congress for forty years! As pathetic a piece of shit that Rangel is, the citizens of Harlem who keep voting for him, to me, are complicit in his misuse of the Public Trust. Fucking dumbasses, you get what you deserve.

I'll keep an eye on this story and have more to say about it as it proceeds.

And don't forget Maxine Waters, D-Dumbfuck, CA, is next up to stand trial for ethics violations. That ought to be a laugh riot. Stupid ass.

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