Friday, April 1, 2011

I'll Be Back...and That's a Threat

I have picked up several outside blog content writing opportunities lately and it taken up a lot of the time I was spending on my own blogs. I am actually getting paid to do those jobs,so something had to give. Sadly, one of the casualties of my my newfound writing gigs is this blog. I am going to put it hiatus for unspecified time, but as soon as I can get into a routine with all the new stuff, I'll be back to expose you to my brilliant prose and witty satire, whether you like it or not. :)

Seriously, thanks for reading Because Toby said So over the last few months, I am truly grateful. The blog was just starting to hit a stride when all this other work just happened, but since it was the newest member of my Blogging Empire, the choice to put it on hold was really pretty easy. Two of my other blogs, Three States Plus One and Dumbass News are more established, widely read and kickin' ass and takin' names, so if you haven't given them a look yet, please stop on by.

Again, I'll be firing up this site as soon as I can get things sorted out, so don't forget about it just yet. Travel safe and be well, amigos. I am Gone Fishin'.


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